All HC Plus juice products provide a 9 to 12 month shelf life requiring no refrigeration.

Aseptic technology in our liter packaging also allows for a superior taste compared to other packaging methods.

  • HC Plus aseptic liter packaging features a re-cap lid that allows you to store the product sealed once opened while allowing easy pouring.
  • HC Plus juices provide ideal products for healthcare, cruise ships, airline caterers, schools, restaurants etc.
  • HC Plus has the capability of private labeling our products due to our unique processing technique.
  • No Refrigeration or Freezing necessary – save your refrigeration and freezer space.
  • ESL – “Extended Shelf Life” packaging reduces rotation needs.
  • Use by date and flavor printed on every product.
  • 100% RDI of Vitamin C required per serving.
  • No Thawing Necessary.

Our packaging facility is USDA inspected and follows all of the USDA guidelines and regulations.


King Brands was formed in 2006 with a mission of producing and marketing innovative products mainly focusing on the beverage segment within the foodservice industry.

Our vision is to become a dominant force in the beverage industry supplying healthcare, schools, airlines, cruise industry, B & I, using new innovative technology.

The company’s core values include a strong customer focus, partnership, integrity, creativity, empowerment, and solid financial growth.