About Us

The King brothers — Jason, John III, and (the late) Jeff — have had experience running kitchens, distributing food and holding management positions at large companies.

They grew through the ranks, until they decided to group together and form King Brands, LLC. The Kings knew what the food industry was lacking: shelf-stable juice cups.

In 2006, the brothers found a turn-key plant in Fort Myers to start their business. The creative juices began to flow. The company was a pioneer at the time by offering shelf-stable juices with a use-by date.

We pride ourselves on our quality. Our juice can be going to a hospital, school or nursing home, so it has to be the best of the best.”
– Jason King

Starting small— with just 10 employees — King Brands has evolved into a nationally renowned organic and kosher juice distributor — with 150 employees today.

The brothers lost Jeff in 2017 and have since started the annual Jeff W. King Memorial Award for employees. The award is given to the employee who goes above and beyond the normal call of duty and always exceeds company expectations.

The first recipient was James Sage.

Jason and John have a combined 60 years of food-service experience and will continue to focus on quality, innovation and customer service in a facility that keeps expanding.

Those are the keys to being the King of shelf-stable juice.

James Sage and Tracie King
Congratulations to Thea Hanlotxomphou, our 2018 Winner of the Jeff W. King Memorial Award.
Jeff King

All HC Plus juice products provide a 9 -to 12-month shelf life requiring no refrigeration.

Aseptic technology in our liter packaging also allows for a superior taste compared to other packaging methods.

  • HC Plus aseptic liter packaging features a re-cap lid that allows you to store the product sealed once opened while allowing easy pouring.
  • HC Plus juices provide ideal products for healthcare, cruise ships, airline caterers, schools, restaurants etc.
  • HC Plus has the capability of private labeling our products due to our unique processing technique.
  • No Refrigeration or Freezing necessary – save your refrigeration and freezer space.
  • ESL – “Extended Shelf Life” packaging reduces rotation needs.
  • Use by date and flavor printed on every product.
  • 100% RDI of Vitamin C required per serving.
  • No Thawing Necessary.

Our packaging facility is USDA inspected and follows all of the USDA guidelines and regulations.

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