• New improved label design for better customer appeal.
  • Upgraded spout for better pouring.
  • New Orthodox Union Kosher certification.
  • 100% HC Plus juices provide high quality products at very competitive pricing.
  • Aseptic juice provides a 9 to 12 month shelf life requiring no refrigeration.
  • HC Plus juices provide ideal products for healthcare, cruise ships, airline caterers, schools, restaurants etc.
  • Aseptic technology allows for a superior taste compated to other bulk juices such as P.E.T., canned juices and other hot fill products with no can opener needed.
  • King Brands has the capability of private labeling our products due to our unique processing technique.
  • HC Plus national distribution allows us to be competitive in the marketplace.
  • HC Plus products are packed in the USA which provides efficient logistics.
  • Our packaging facility is USDA inspected and follows all of the USDA guidelines and regulations.
Available in these flavors

Orange Juice

Orange Juice

Our Orange Juice has a pure orange taste with no added flavorings.

UPC# 83265

Apple Juice

Apple Juice

Apple Juice in a naturally sweet blend sure to please all ages.

UPC# 83250

Cranberry Cocktail Juice

Cranberry Juice

This Cranberry Juice Cocktail blends bright and tangy cranberries with naturally sweet apples for a refreshing taste.

UPC# 83290

Grape Juice

Our special blend of white and red grape varieties plus natural flavors make this juice a refreshing choice.

UPC# 83260

Prune Juice

Prune Juice

Made from real juice concentrate, our Prune Juice is high in fiber, iron and potassium.

UPC# 83200

Grapefruit Juice

Our Grapefruit Juice is a delightful blend of sweet white and red grapefruit.

UPC# 83275

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice has a fresh clean tropical flavor.

UPC# 83280

Fruit Punch Juice

Great fruit flavor in a blend of select Apple juice with natural flavors.

UPC# 93245

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