• Fits all tray line delivery systems.
  • Smaller box, more compact for better handling and storage.
  • Stronger more rigid plastic for better cup strength.
  • BPA Free Plastic White Cups.
  • Our Ultra High Temperature Process enables us to provide the same benefits as a true aseptic procedure without the costs.
  • No Refrigeration or Freezing necessary which saves on cooler and walk in space.
  • King Brands has the capability of private labeling our products due to our unique processing technique.
  • All HC Plus Juices have a 9-12 month shelf life.
  • New cranberry formula using beet /cane sugar versus HFCS for added health benefits.
  • 100% RDI of Vitamin C required per serving.
  • New easy peelable lid.

The King Brands Difference

Guaranteed best buy date is encrypted on the bottom of each cup.

Available in these flavors

Orange Cup Juice

Orange Juice

Our Orange Juice has a pure orange taste with no added flavorings.

UPC# 10001

Apple Cup Juice

Apple Juice

Apple Juice in a naturally sweet blend sure to please all ages.

UPC# 10002

Cranberry Cocktail Cup Juice

Cranberry Juice

This Cranberry Juice Cocktail blends bright and tangy cranberries with naturally sweet apples for a refreshing taste.

UPC# 10003

Grape Cup Juice

Grape Juice

Our special blend of white and red grape varieties plus natural flavors make this juice a refreshing choice.

UPC# 10004

Fruit Punch Juice

Fruit Punch Juice

Great fruit flavor in a blend of select Apple juice with natural flavors.

UPC# 10005

Prune Cup Juice

Prune Juice

Made from real juice concentrate, our Prune Juice is high in fiber, iron and potassium.

UPC# 10006

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